Nuevo promo de Dollhouse

Nuevo promo de Dollhouse, tambien en muy baja calidad

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    Pisaluo: ? Huan of an ancient type of spoon acts the role of? of door meal this the graph hires graceful couplet forward to cope with Bai Ren
    Pisaluo: ? Huan of an ancient type of spoon acts the role of? of door meal this the graph hires graceful couplet forward to cope with Bai Ren On January 25, 2013 origin: Netease sports
    PeruvianVeteranPisaluoLast summer returnBai Ren, but he can serve as the 3rd center only in Bai Ren, and had not been in up to nowDe JiaLeague matches obtains a goal, this cortical Sa Luo Hai got the worry of a few injury. Rest in De Jiadong period in first match later, conquer of Bai Ren 2-0Feierte, and Pisaluo still did not gain a field opportunity. To this Pisaluo expresses, "Nowhere is absent competition, any positions can have any team competition. I had achieved the requirement of the match now, in this weekday the coach can use me. In this weekday the coach can use me..

    " Munich daily " : Pisaluo calls him condition beautiful

    Be in Bai Ren will be in weekend guest field is right blastSitujiate, situjiate the forward inside the teamYibisheweijiThis sports season has been hit into 10 De Jia to score a goal, in addition Situjiate is firm still fromGraceful coupletLeasedItalyForwardMa Kai is amounted to, this match Bai Ren cannot underestimate the enemy.
    Pisaluo expresses, oneself current body condition is first-rate, hope to be able to play the game more only, "My feeling is unprecedented now good, almost never so feel well, I need to play the game more only. I always had problem of a few injury in the past, although be inNot Lai plumAlso be such when effectiveness, but everything is very good now. Yes, I had appeared problem of a few muscle, and the germ of the problem is in my back, my pelvic in a way has some of amlposition. But I can accept specialized training regularly according to the requirement now, bai Ren club has first-rate medical treatment department. Bai Ren club has first-rate medical treatment department..
    Pisaluo came 2001 during 2007 ever effectiveness Yu Bairen, should be asked current Bairen is mixed at the outset when who is stronger, pisaluo laugh says, "If be in the word before a special to phenanthrene Er match, it is the most powerful that I can say this raises Bai Ren now, ha. " Bai Ren although Er of 2-0 conquer humble is special, but the expression of the team after contest still got a few criticism. Pisaluo expresses then, "2005 or the Bai Ren when 2003 is very powerful also, nevertheless this Bai Ren is having very outstanding actual strength now, I ever had said last summer, we can win everything. We can win everything..
    At present Bai Ren is hadDagger Mai Si, Manzujiji, Pisaluo 3 outstanding center, pisaluo expresses, "Advocate handsome meeting make right choice, but the player that no matter be the player on field or reserve banquet,goes up is very outstanding. We 3 people are having different characteristic, am I is the technology [url=]nike for cheap[/url] best? This should make conclusions by others. Yes, I still can be mixed other center comes on the stage together, the part of the person that act secondary attack, I ever also was mixed in Bai Ren in the past partner of Aierbai, Ma Kai passes. I need to acquire ball right, I am not the player that the sort of in foremost face leaving that await teammate to pass a ball, I await ceaselessly without patience. I await ceaselessly without patience..
    Final Pisaluo still spoke of his target, "I hope Bai Renben sports season can win all championship, I think we have this actual strength. To my individual, the mainest champion is of courseOu Guan, I say all the time, this is the matter that I decide return Bai Ren, because be here,my opportunity wins this championship. Also ever other club had been given out to me last summer invite, but I often am familiar with Bai Renfei, I must go to my saying me Bai Ren. I must go to my saying me Bai Ren..

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